Bellflower Middle & High School

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High School Preview Days

Step 1

Create a Bellflower High School Parent Portal Account using the following link:

If you already have an active Parent account, proceed to the next step


Step 2

Complete Data Confirmation. Confirm the data you submitted in the AERIES Parent Portal. Follow all prompts and tabs within the Data Confirmation pages. In the Data Confirmation window, you will need to do the following:

  •      Review and update Family Information
  •      Review and update Student Information
  •       Review and update Contact Information
  •       Review and update Medical History
  •       Review Documents
  •       Complete Authorizations
  •       Submit Data Confirmation
  •      Print 2 copies of the Student Emergency Card

Step 3

Arrive to the Bellflower High School on your designated date and time and participate in Preview Day. Bring the following required documents with you to Preview Day:

  •      Completed copies of Student Emergency Card (2)
  •      Postcard (received in the mail) for address verification purposes

Note: you will not be able to pick up your tentative class schedule unless AERIES Data Confirmation is completed BEFORE arriving to campus