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College and Career Center

My goal as the College & Career Center Technician is to make sure that all students at Bellflower High School understand the college admission process, have the tools and resources to begin their journey, and believe that they can fulfill their college aspirations!  If your child has a different dream of joining the military, going to a trade school, or starting an apprenticeship, then I am here to help him or her as well.  Every student’s future is important to me. With the right tools, anything can be accomplished. 


Please use this page as a resource for important college announcements, upcoming event dates, links for scholarships and other useful web resources.  You may also contact me personally with any questions or to schedule an appointment. Navigating the road to college starts in 9th grade; let me help you with the process!


If you have any questions, please visit me in the Career Center!


Every Wednesday is COLLEGE WEDNESDAY so wear your favorite college gear to school and ask your teachers, counselors, and mentors about their college experiences.


Work Permits for student are granted upon meeting the minimum requirements. For additional information visit the Career Center or download the  Work permit request form below. 

Attention Seniors:
       Free Application for Federal Student Aid
(FAFSA) due on March 2nd  
Community College Application
for FALL 2017 
open on February 1st
Complete application, assessment test, orientation, and enrollment: July 21st 
California Community College applications can be found and submitted at:  
Financial Aid:
Scholarships for all:
Please Visit Family Connection on Naviance